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What WE means to me?


WE in the broadest sense embraces the entire world: it is about our responsibility for the planet and the search for a new global ethic which will help to bridge existing gaps in religion, culture, wealth, education, art, economy, society …

WE in the most narrow sense means partnership/family.

Everything in between is WE as well – loosely coupled networks. Coming together when needed, breaking apart when no longer needed.

WE in the digital age means empowerment to many given to us by the internet. This may sound pathetic or people may think I am a dreamer – but for the very first time in my lifetime I see a fair chance that bottom-up movements, collaboration, collective intelligence, transparency, openess can become more than daydreams!

I know it is a long way to go, but at least WE’ve started … and WE’ll continue! So stay tuned!

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