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Ars Electronica, Day 4

Today will be our “asian day” at WE-TV at 6 pm. We will show 4 pieces of Art from the exhibition “Hybrid Art”, curated by Tomoe Moriyama, University of Tokyo. “Hybrid Art”  is dedicated specifically to today’s hybrid and transdisciplinary projects and approaches to media art. Primary emphasis is on the process of fusing different media and genres into new forms of artistic expression as well as the act of transcending the boundaries between art and research, art and social/political activism, art and pop culture.

And we will have an interview with Isaac Mao, a blogger from the People’s Republic of China. He is co-founder of CNBlog.org and a researcher in social learning. In 2005, he started the movement for adopting Chinese bloggers on overseas servers.

So come and join us at 6 pm (MEZ) at WE-TV.

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