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We are Believers!

In the opening discussion of the ARS Conference “A New Cultural Economy” Joi Ito said a very important sentence: “We are a group of believers …” – believers in an Internet for the good – where values like openness, transparency, participation, human rights, sharing, truth, love and collaboration are highly appreciated. They add up in non-profit institutions like Creative Commons, Linux, Mozilla, Global Voices Online but also in profit-oriented companies e.g. best buy, IBM, 37 signals and hopefully many more.

We are just at the beginning of a huge transformation process. We don’t know yet how the Internet is functioning and we are far away from understanding, using and handling its entire potential. There are many ways to improve! And we have to be aware that these values aren’t shared by everybody on the Internet.

WE is committed to give these believers a voice, to spread their word – simply to be an additional channel for them!

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