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WE-magazine will be published in chinese!

I am so proud to announce that we-magazine will be available in chinese soon!


I’ve just met Lei Zhang, one of the founders of yeeyan at San Francisco Airport and we figured out how to do it. yeeyan is a chinese community website. They translate from english into chinese and the other way round. These people aren’t professional translators and the quality is not always “publishing quality” but with the help of the community they are continuously improving their work. A real “WE”! They set up a great platform. Besides media content – like we-magazine – they are focussing on topics like health and education to provide more and broader information to the chinese population!

yeeyan will not only translate our content, they will also fuel it into the right chinese channels to spread the word!

Our special thanks goes to Joi Ito and Isaac Mao who connected WE with yeeyan!

Let’s see what is going to happen! WE are excited!

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