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NABUUR: Lending a Neighbourly Hand

Full disclosure: Yours truly works as the volunteer manager for NABUUR, so a certain bias is likely to creep in this piece. However, I’m confident that after reading this little write-up, you will fall for this project and be motivated to join.

The concept of NABUUR was first thought up in 2001 by founder and CEO Siegfried Woldhek, long before the buzz words of social networks and online collaboration became mainstream terms.  The idea behind this online platform was simple: To harness the power of the Internet to make a lasting impact in developing countries around the world, by combining the best of the old (neighbourly help) with the best of the new (the internet).

Projects on NABUUR are centered on collaboration and connection. A community in need reaches out to NABUUR, who facilitates a space on their website to host the project. Then, online volunteers are recruited to assist with the project’s tasks (which in most cases are defined by the local community members themselves, or with the assistance of NABUUR volunteer project managers).

One thing leads to another and soon enough concrete ways to help are brainstormed and researched; strategic contacts are made; solutions are implemented.

And along the way, to complete this philanthropic human chain, strong bonds are forged across country lines.

What gives NABUUR its appeal is that the entire process is about empowerement of local communities; placing the community members in the driving seat, and enabling them full control of the project. The other secret of NABUUR is the absolute commitment shown by the online volunteers, who hail from all corners of the world, and work tirelessly with the community to advance the project. In all, everyone involved truly exemplifies the true core of what NABUUR

is all about: The Global Neighbour Network.

If you’d like to see first hand what this online volunteering experience is all about, watch the video here. Then please join us on www.nabuur.com where you can register in just a few easy steps and start helping a local community today.

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