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You can Change the Web

If things go as planned, the Web won’t know what hit it once a new competition launches in January 2009.

Imagine Actions Everywhere. That is the catch phrase of the ambitious venture Change the Web 2009.

The competition, part of the Social Actions platform, aims at encouraging and promoting up-and-coming web applications that embed opportunities to make a difference on the umpteen websites, blogs, and social networks already existing on the Internet.

Far more than a brain-tickling challenge to the scores of technical wizards and digital activists roaming the Web, this contest has the capability of changing how the online community perceives the Web. It also holds the potential of unleashing (and sustaining) a massive wave of humanitarian action; ultimately shaping how the Web is used by its audience and maximizing the impact of social change campaigns.

The web applications that will stem from the competition will provide the necessary tools for each and every one of us surfing the Web day-in and day-out to add our voices to the expansive online community of do-gooders, collectively contributing on a daily basis to making the world a better place.

Picture this scenario: you’re browsing a page/website/blog on the Internet, and you’re automatically drawn in to a gut-wrenching story on the devastating effects of malaria in a village in Uganda.  Clearly, there’s an immediate need for help, and you want to do your part. Where do you start? Typically you would resort to a search on Google, spending considerable time combing through the countless aid organizations working in the area. Now imagine if beside the malaria article there cheap clomid was a web application that would automatically provide you with updated and concrete information (i.e. the latest urgent appeal campaigns on malaria) on how you can help. One click that swiftly leads to action.

That is one mighty concept to wrap our heads around. We, the Web’s loyal users, are granted a unique pass at revolutionizing the effect our online activities carry. That’s definitely one concept of WE to pay heed to.

Imagine You having the opportunity to change the Web – well, now you can!

[For those interested in lending their skills to help organize Change the Web 2009, please click here.]


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Joe Solomon
Dec 10, 2008 9:26

This post is golden! Really, it’s amazing. You’ve captured the potential and promise of Change the Web in ways I’ve striven to for some time. I know I’ll be coming back here numerous times to gather inspiration and focus direction as we work on the campaign.

I also want to read everything you write – you’re an amazing writer!

Christine Egger
Dec 10, 2008 21:38

Clear, compelling description of all that Change the Web represents. Brilliant writing, Romina, about a truly important and web-changing competition.

Anne Grabs
Dec 11, 2008 15:30

If we can change the web, we could change the world to more humanity. thx for this post!

Joe Dee
Dec 11, 2008 20:42

Love it! This is exactly what needs to happen to bring efforts together. I’ll be contributing whatever I can to this and will bring in as many people from the interactive agency world as I can. Having worked in agencies for my entire career (Critical Mass, Organic), there is so much talent in that world that we can draw on and they are people who aren’t even aware that this is happening. That will be my purpose, to bring this to them.

Tom Dawkins
Dec 11, 2008 20:49

I’m very excited about Change the Web and the innovation it will foster and inspire. 2009 is going to be an exciting year for online activism and organizing as we bed down and build on the lessons learned from a frenetic 2008. The big challenge is exactly the one that Change the Web are focused on – with such a proliferation of sites, causes, actions and platforms how do we effectively disseminate and tie information together, getting it to the people that need it when they want to use it. Some great applications will come out of this challenge I have no doubt. Makes me wish I was a developer!

Dec 11, 2008 20:55

Haven’t really heard of the movement before this article. Lets call your goal Web 3.0.

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