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Vancouver Twitter Meetup with a Cause

As we slide deeper into holiday mode, here’s yet another digital feel-good story to send you off with a jolly bounce best essay writing services in your step. Brought to you again by the power of the ‘tweet‘, the following account, taken from the Vancouver Sun, illustrates how ordinary citizens, virtual strangers to one another, and linked together by an online social network, can make a real difference in their communities.

“It started as a two-line message on the Internet and ended up mobilizing a small crowd that roamed Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in the snow Sunday handing out warm clothing to the homeless who live there…” [the rest of the story can be found


As people continue to discover how far the sounds of social networks like Twitter can echo, it’s highly probable that stories of this nature will become more frequent. The Vancouver Tweetup Heatup (as they’re referred to) serves as an inspiration to launch other city ‘meetups with a cause.’

How about starting one in your own city?

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That’s a New Year’s resolution worth making – and keeping!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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1 Comment

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Dec 25, 2008 3:47

great! here is a example what we do in germany for the homeless.The Sneakerstore “Overkill” had the idea to spread sneakers sponsered by reebok all over Berlin, Kreuzberg where people who want them can just get them.Sometimes you got to climb a little bit,but that’s how life is it goes up an down.


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