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WE’s we like: Cinema Jenin – an upside down fairy tale reaches its first climax

In our latest issue of we-magazine we’ve had an interview with Marcus Vetter, head of the Cinema Jenin project. A project which is all about people and their daily struggle to achieve a better life!

WE are very happy, that we can announce that Cinema Jenin will celebrate its official opening on August, 5, 2010.

Here are some more background informations:

By definition, a cinema is a place where people gather to view films. In the West Bank town of Jenin, it was the other way round: a film has made hundreds of people gather to bring the vision of a cinema to life. War has closed it more than 20 years ago – we cannot wait for peace to reopen it. Instead: why not try it the other way round again?

This summer, a remarkable chain reaction will produce its first major result:

It was the selfless deed of Ismail Khatib from Jenin to donate his son’s organs to Israeli children that inspired German director Marcus Vetter to make a film …

… that inspired both to reopen Jenin’s abandoned cinema.
… that inspired growing numbers of international experts and volunteers to come to Jenin to help.
… that inspired donors to contribute generously to the project.

Cinema Jenin means: 3-D CINEMA, carbon neutral, SUBTITLING STUDIO, synchronization, FILM SCHOOL, education, EMPLOYMENT, short films, SOLAR ENERGY, Open Air, stage, WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT.

We are working hard to get everything ready until our


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