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The real Africa


One week after we had finished our work on WE_africa I stumbled upon this wonderful poem called “The real Africa is the one they never show you.” (click to enlarge the picture)

I think it is a great bottom line for WE_africa and although it is to late now to include it in the layout I wanted to share it with you anyway.

I couldn´t find out about the author, so in case you know who wrote this great piece please let me know and I´ll add the credits.


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Feb 26, 2012 19:33

The Real Africa Poem by Trishula Patel

Feb 25, 2013 16:03

I wanted to get your permission to use the poem picture above. I am making a page on FAcebook to gather news and analysis from and about Africa, from a Third World/Anti-Capitalist view point and I hope you allow me to use this picture.

Apr 18, 2015 6:56

Of course we do!

Apr 21, 2015 1:59

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Nov 26, 2015 5:23

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