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WE_Leadership – Volume 5

In this issue we turn to the question of how the WE correlates with leadership in a networked world. At first sight the dynamic, self-organizing amorphous “WE” might seem a strange bedfellow to the strict, unbending, authoritarian ideas of “leadership” mainly found in business. But in a world in which the WE is in constant flow, where it is highly connected and is developing more and more impact all around the globe, leadership models which aren’t flexible in structure, speed and agenda will simply fail. Leaders are no longer appointed; nowadays they are chosen.

All over the world we see the emergence of new WEs that are in constant flux. Just take a look at the Arab countries Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen and you’ll see WEs experimenting with completely different forms of leadership. Forms unknown to most of us. Their structure is complex. They’re not settled yet. All we know is that these new WEs are driven by many leaders of a new kind all seeking to make a difference.

Once again we are very happy to introduce a quite extraordinary line-up of authors … thanks to all of them for supporting our work! WE really appreciate it! Thanks also to Bertelsmann Stiftung for the financial support. And thanks to the whole we_team for once more burning the midnight oil in the usual race against the clock …

It was the power of “WE” that got us over the finishing line !!!!

Here we go: WE_Leadership – Volume 5.
WE hope you like it. Flip through and enjoy! A printed version will be out by mid April!
And please, dont forget to join our online video chat today at 6 pm CET with Peter Kruse and John Hagel!


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David Gonzalez
Apr 11, 2011 6:05

Hi there, all you initiative it so useful for, I think, every student, teacher, entrepreneur, leader, etc. So good information and authors. I see that you are about to release a printed version and I’d love a copy of it. So, I hope you are able to ship it to Mexico.

Please let me now if when it is available.


sorry for my english

ulrike reinhard
Apr 12, 2011 6:52

hi david, thank you!

let us know where to ship it!
send me an email at:

best, ulrike

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