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we_Australia needs YOUR help

Two days ago I’ve had a SKYPEcall with David Hood, initiator and organizer of gathering11 which will take place next week in Melbourne, Australia. Gathering11 and we-magazine – which I co-founded and where I am editor in chief – share same values. We both are convinced that the power of WE enabled and turbocharged by new technologies can really drive change and set a “people” agenda. This is why David and I said let’s try and use the power of WE and make we_Australia happen!

WE’ve done an issue on an entire continent before: WE_africa. We’ve covered the Middle East in various issues. And – I guess this is important – WE, Bea, Dominik and I – do this as non-for-profit. WE do we_magazine because WE think it is necessary to do so, we want to share the WE-stories with all you. Therefore WE are very happy that we_magazine reaches out to more than 150 countries worldwide, that it has been translated into Chinese, Arabic and partially into Spanish and Farsi. Our idea of WE seems to be an idea which people “get”, they understand it and they are happy to share … With all our issues WE inspire more people to take action and to do their part for a better WE!

So please donate!
Check out details here – and make we_Australia happen!

Thank you!

We have less than a week left to crowdfund my (ulrike) trip to Australia.
We are heading for 3000 USD which will cover my airfare to get to gathering11, accomodations and my travels to Sydney and Adelaide to meet those down under who practice WE.
During this time I set the ground for the new issue of we-magazine: we_Australia. It’s scheduled for late July to be published. Plus we’ll give fellow Aussie change-makers the opportunity to share their stories for WE_The_Movie – being produced by award winning film-maker Maartje Nevejan. Website is going online soon …

So please donate!
Check out details here – and make we_Australia happen!

Thank you!


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