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WE_australia: Carl Scarse

Carl, a Melbourne based artist, is very much involved in various we-projects:

We is an artist-run organisation based in Melbourne, established in 2010 to promote an inclusive platform for emerging Australian artists at the forefront of new critiques of contemporary Australia. Our inaugural program ‘We Australians (Perspectives)’ will see a series of innovative events that connects a variety of people, to stimulate and facilitate dialogue between socially engaged artists, arts professionals, academics and the broader community on the representation of a culturally diverse Australia.

The Wemakeus collective is an Australian based organisation that formed in 2010; our mission is to bring creative thinking into the fore of the public mind. We are building up a database of information on the links between: creativity, innovation, education, empathy, wisdom, science, psychology, politics, communication, the internet, the environment and hope. We are working towards new ways of engaging all ages and all professions to think creatively; because we know it is vital to the prosperous survival of humanity as a whole.

For our next edition WE_australia I’ve conducted an interview with him in which he comes up with quite a surprising thought: Was Mark Zuckerberg Beuys in his first live? This is the interview Carl is referring to:

So stay tuned, WE_australia will be published mid August … Then you can read the entire story.

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