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From Me to WE

I was in Rabat, Morocco last week. Wonderful city by the way. I met Adnane Addioui, native Moroccan, who is working with the British Council as the project manager society. We’ve had a very interesting and inspriring conversation on how the “me” is linked with the “we”. Adnane concluded that without the responsibility of each individual no “better” community (= we) can be achieved. It is all about us, the individuals, to make things happen – if I don’t care, why should others care! Adnane appeals to all of us to take responsibilty and to start to care about things which are important for us as a society.

I am sure our conversation will continue.

Below are a few videoshots on

– Adnane’s understanding of WE

– the link between the ME and the WE

– how to implement the idea of WE in our education systems

– and when he felt a “WE_moment”

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrngiit!

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