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WE @ Ben Gurion University

The last week was a lot of fun and it was extreme busy – last Sunday we arrived in the early morning at Beer Sheva at the Student Towers, our “hub” for the next 4 days.

View from the tower (9th floor), overlooking Beer Sheva at 5 am in the morning

Our goal for the next 4 days: to co-create a storyboard for a short video and ideally to produce the video footage. The core message of the video: “Community involvement teaches you what they don´t teach in classrooms!”

The background: Ben Gurion University runs a diverse range of programs in their “community department”. These programs support students in the way that they get an apartment in the poorer communties of Beer Sheva for free and in exchange they have to spent 8 hours/week in social activities inside their community.

Our team: 2,3 people from university staff and 7 students from the community program who are involved in community activities and us. None of us had done such a thing before.

We started on Sunday afternoon explaining the students the design thinking process which we wanted to use.

In small working groups the students found their own way to adapt to the process.

After 2.5 days we’ve had a written storyboard, we all started somehow to think in the layers audio, text, pictures and we were ready to go out and to shoot in the communities.

The big final – after 4 days of hard work, exploring new territories and a lot of fun – was the shooting of the video’s very last scene: students dancing on the Deichman Plaza:

Stay tuned, more to come soon;-)


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anne berkeley
Sep 17, 2011 8:53

It was fascinating to be involved in this process with this great group and more than anything now I want this message out there to other Universities – do not restrict what you teach to the classroom. These students learn so many important things and truly bring change to these communities. So simple to set up a similar project – look again at this model and see how it’s done.

Sep 17, 2011 11:56

Tnx for this German group and to Ann from the university who made it all possible.
I myself am sometimes surprised from some of the students in the project. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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