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Here we go …

The WE_The_Movie website is online … please join us and make your statement!

Upload your video right here!

WE_The_Movie is a movie about people who are triggering the greater WE.
It’s about the pitfalls of capitalism. Mistrust of governments. Unrests all over the world. It’s about Occupy Wall Street. The Arab Spring.

There are glimpses of a vision of a new way of being in the world.
It will take a lot of people – people like YOU and me, people like us – feeling in their guts and thinking with their hearts to try to understand what this new WE is all about.

The answer isn’t there in a book.
It isn’t there in a formula.
It’s something we have to live together and co-create.
Our diversity and creativity is sufficiently stunning to carry us!

So let’s find out what this new WE is all about!

What is triggering the new WE?
Why is it happening just now?
Why do people turn from ME to WE?
Who are WE – is it all about a mass movement or just a few nerds and idealists?
What are the opportunities? And what are the constraints?

Please give us your answers to this questions and upload your video.

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