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Building a new foundation for a new world

Alwine van Heemstra is a documentary storyteller, based in Amsterdam.

My story – why I am doing WE_The_Movie:

I lived in Kenya, from the age of 10 to 12, on a sand road – Farasi Lane – in the outskirts of Nairobi in a mixed neighbourhood. I was free to go out into the streets and the fields as I pleased and I had all sorts of friends: Kenyan, American, Colonial British. I had no idea of any politics yet. Of course I saw differences but these didn’t matter and I was afraid of nothing and nobody. It felt free and these were definitely the most happy two years of my youth.

Ever since then I have tried to recapture that feeling.

A feeling of freedom, sharing, connecting, curiosity. And ever since then I’ve been connecting people. A few years ago I met an American scientist Jim Keen who is co-author of the book “Common Fire: Leading Lives of Commitment in a Complex World”. He told me that many people like me – bridge builders – have a similarity: Somewhere between 9 and 11 they lived amongst people other then they were used to. An age that a child is aware of its surroundings but still free from prejudice.

It was wonderful to hear this. All of a sudden it made sense what I had been doing all these years and since then I have been more conscious about it.

I strongly believe in synthesis through diversity. Now, in my adult life I have more baggage and prejudice. I am more scared of things because I have seen what people can be capable of. And yet I think it is always possible to make a link with anyone if you make an effort, at least in my experience. The bigger my resistance and the effort I need to put in, because for instance someone has a very different view, belief, background, the stronger the impact and the satisfaction.

For me the WE_The_Movie is all about impact through connection. Building a new foundation for a new world based on trust, care, love and freedom through guts. It is easy to turn my back to the unknown and the things that I fear, it is more satisfying to confront it and it brings me closer to the freedom that I experienced in my youth. I think the WE_The_Movie is all about this, connecting diverse worlds – creating understanding and synthesis. Feeling responsible for each other because we are all a link of the whole.

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