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Call for Action to Save Our Planet

My story – why I am doing WE_The_Movie

When I was in Samoa in the Southern Pacific back in 1999 I was quite sure that I found paradise. The lush, opulent vegetation, white sandy beaches, vulcanos, rainforests and cristal clear water in the lagoon, corals, starfishes and immense shoals of fish. But already back then the natives I was living with were highly alert: The village elder told me something was wrong with the sea and the winds, that something was changing. They said “Mother Earth” was screaming in pain and was about to die because of our “Western” consumption.

Today I know we have gone way too far. It´s a horrifying scientific fact that our planet´s ecosystem will collapse within my lifetime. “With just 10 more years of “business as usual” emissions from the burning of coal, oil and gas, it becomes impractical to avoid “disastrous effects” [on climate and environment]. That´s what NASA and the Columbia University Earth Institute already said in 2007.

Our current way of living is based on the fundamentally flawed ideas of individualism, success and endless growth withour any restrictions. It´s all about ME being in this world, while the ME is very often reduced to be nothing else but a “consumer”.

The urgent change needed can’t be tackled by individuals alone. It needs a very strong WE in which every individual (=ME) takes responsibility: WE need to connect, to listen to and to understand each other. WE need to inspire, to learn from and to change with each other. WE have to bring in our creativity, intelligence and action to save the basis of our living.

WE can’t wait for institutions and our political leaders any longer. They failed so far or were simple too slow. WE have to start right away. I feel obliged to spread this message. And I hope WE_the_movie will accelerate the change we need. To save us. To save “Mother Earth”. It´s time.

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