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We started we_school in Khajuraho, Madyah Pradesh, India

In February 2012 the idea of building a school in India was born. Rajiv Gautam, entrepreneur in Khajuraho, Madyah Pradesh and member of an “old” Indian family asked me to think about it. And I thought about it – and I agreed to do so. Weired story – but that’s just the way good things happen. I believe.

Together with my peers we set up a workshop in late March to discuss the basic concept and needs for the school. Results can be followed up here. Then I went back to India with my friend and now partner in the project, Egon Zippel, to set ground and get the entire thing started.

To check out where we are standing please watch this short video:

During our stay we were very busy with setting up the society which will run the school and we’ve met with many locals and find our way how to proceed.

Our next steps besides legalizing the society and writing a business plan will be to start a community program in Khajuraho which addresses students, their families and the community. The goal is to create a better understanding of what the local needs in education are and how to support them with project and solution-based workshops. We plan workshops with and for the community on a monthly basis.

Our kick off event will be in September. We’ll run a 10 day program to raise awareness for we_school and to start our dialogue with the community. A highlight will be the implemantation of A Hole in the Wall learning stations.

In the next few weeks we will publish the program and keep you updated!
If you want to join the project or help to support it, please send an email to

we at we-magazine dot com

Donations are welcome right here –
Thank you very much for your help in advance! Please help us spread the word.

We have something for those who donate in return;-)
Please choose between these option or make you own proposal what you want out of this project!
Email it to

I’d like to have in return:

  • a copy of teh very unusual plan of the land the school will be build on
  • a nice postcard from incredible India from the founders of the school: Egon and Ulrike
  • some awesome video footage
  • closer connection to the students once the workshops have started
  • what ever else comes into your mind!!!

Please let us know!

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John Lee
Jun 13, 2012 5:55

Wonderful project I appreciate you for taking initiative………….

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