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we and the arts – released!

It´s done, we_magazine volume 07 we and the arts is released!

This time WE is showing art works from all over the world rooted in various disciplines.
Whenever we could we linked our stories to the art of OUBEY and the MINDKISS Project, because his art celebrates complexity and diversity in arts (including physics, astrophysics, complexity research and biology) and symbolizes that everything is connected with everything.
WE feel OUBEY´s extraordinary artwork is a great fit and strengthens our idea of the greater WE.

For the 2nd time WE experimented with another, more visual web format which you can check out at
The more “traditional” form in the blog can be found right here.

And as always, a big THANK YOU to all those who helped to make it happen, thanks to all our authors and contributors! And to Dagmar Woyde-Koehler who provided the OUBEY frameset!

Enjoy we and the arts – WE hope you like it!
Bea, Domink, Paul & Ulrike



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