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ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD designed by Vicky Roy

Today I want to introduce our first artist who has designed an skateboard for our auction ARTBOARDS / SKATEBOARDS. Artists from around the world, many of them friends of mine, have offered their services free of charge to design skateboards which will be auctioned to help build a skatepark in an area of rural India. The auction is open to everybody and begins on 20 March.

Vicky Roy is a young well-known photographer, now based in Delhi. I met Vicky Roy two and a half years ago – since then we stayed in touch. What an amazing journey he started. Almost exactly a year ago I interviewed him: “Stay Free!” was the title – and it’s still the motto of his life. Parts of this interview were published in our we_India edition.

Vicky is a real-life example of courage, resilience and effective mentorship. He ran away from home in West Bengal when he was 11, boarding a train to the Indian capital where he spent a year living at the railway station and a street eatery. He collected plastic bottles to sell, washed dishes and made flat bread for a living. He found shelter at Salaam Balak Trust where he met his mentor, Dixie Benjamin, a British photographer. This was life changing. Vicky started to walk down his own path of photography and created his very special way to tell Indian stories to the world!

Today his photos are exhibited worldwide and he has become a world class photographer.
Just recently his first book “HOME.STREET.HOME.” was published.

This is Vicky’s ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD – the six photographs are a series from his latest exhibit HOME.STREET.HOME:


Just a few days he was featured in The Hindu, one of India’s most important newspapers.



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Apr 30, 2015 6:53

max 30

– ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD designed by Vicky Roy

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May 4, 2015 5:52

insanity max 30

– ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD designed by Vicky Roy

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