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Martín Arévalo de Léon (Guatemala) is Program Officer for Haiti at Interpeace, where he is developing a strategy to establish a decentralized and participatory dialogue process for peace and development. Originally trained as biochemist and microbiologist, he had a successful management career before leaving the private sector to engage in public policy design, analysis and implementation. In 2004, Martín was responsible for facilitating the participation of civil society groups in the formulation of security sector policies at the Security Advisory Office to the Guatemalan Congress, and was later appointed Deputy Secretary at the Presidential Secretariat for Peace, the cabinet-level office responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Peace Accords where he led the government’s efforts to restructure the reparations program for victims of the internal armed conflict.

Ibrahim Hegazy (Egypt) is chairman of the Department of Management and head of the Marketing Faculty at the American University in Cairo. He is also currently teaching at the Alba Graduate School of Business in Athens and at the International School of Management in Paris. Ibrahim is an elected member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Advertising Association, Egypt’s non-governmental association which brings together all professionals working in marketing communications and advertising in Egypt. as well as member of the board of directors of Egypt’s Tourism Authority. Ibrahim has received a number of international awards in marketing, marketing communications and teaching.

Georgi Kamov (Bulgaria) is Managing Partner of Nextdoor, an innovation consultancy that aims to transfer innovative solutions from all over the world to Bulgaria, southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region. Georgi has a seven year track record in implementing new ideas in government institutions and non-profit organizations. He has worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the Bulgarian School of Politics.

María Paula Romo (Ecuador) has been an MP since 2009. She is a founding member and political activist of the “Ruptura de los 25” movement that was part of the government coalition in Ecuador. In January 2011, María Paula and other members of the movement left the coalition in protest at President Correa’s plans to hold a referendum on legislative reforms that would entail changes to the country’s constitution. As a member of the Constituent Assembly of Ecuador, María Paula contributed to drafting the new constitution adopted in 2008.

Blerta Selenica (Albania) has been Director of the Department of Public Administrationat the Ministry of the Interior of Albania since 2007. Prior to this, she was a training manager on legal issues at the Training Institute of Public Administration in Tirana and had worked as a human rights advocate, lawyer and project coordinator for a wide range of NGO projects.

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