Political Leadership Goes WE – Question 1

What constitutes good political leadership for you? What leadership skills are most needed to face the problems of our times?

María Paula Romo: A leader is someone who knows how to listen, some-one who is committed to investigate and learn. I do not believe that you need extraordinary skills or have to be some kind of messiah in order to be a good leader. You just need communication skills and above all hard work and discipline.

Georgi Kamov: Good political leadership can be described as nothing more and nothing less than the ability to put the interests of society above your own. This has always been a problem but it’s the essential leadership skill of our times. Other key skills include openness, and a good understanding of the role of technology. Here’s another way of looking at it: leaders should be able to see the future and build a bridge to get there.

Ibrahim Hegazy: Good political leadership is listening to the voice of the people as represented by all of its different social classes, and getting the people’s key representatives engaged as an advisory board in the political decision-making process so that political leadership can develop the appropriate national strategy that can serve the younger generation who will inherit the legacy of national strategies made by the present political leadership.

Blerta Selenica: Good political leaders, in my opinion, should carefully identify the needs of the common people and represent them faithfully, keeping strong integrity and resisting the temptation of corruption. Good political leaders should be concerned with the future of their nation and not only with the next election outcome. When convinced by arguments, they should have the courage to make the right decisions, even if these prove unpopular at times.
Good political leaders should be able to guarantee transparency of governance, should be able to communicate their vision effectively to the people, and, above all, should be willing and able to work in a team to achieve the best results.

Martín Arévalo de Léon: Good political leaders should have an understanding of the key issues and should be able to take a down-to-earth approach towards them (regardless of their political philosophy). They should also be able to make social groups come together rather than creating divisions on whatever subjects. Patience, good communication skills, the ability to listen to different points of view and to create common ground with consistency and credibility are crucial skills for any political leader.

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