Political Leadership Goes WE – Question 3

If you were elected president of your country, what are the three key strategic actions that you would take that would most accelerate your country’s transformation?

María Paula Romo: This is a complex question and our country’s problems cannot be solved with simple short answers. Even so, in terms of Ecuador’s problems we – speaking as a member of a political movement called Ruptura – believe that investment in education, free public health and honest labor policies which can guarantee equality for men and women are some of the key strategic actions we would take to accelerate our country’s transformation. Furthermore, building a strong democratic order around our public entities through active social participation would also help achieve that goal.

Georgi Kamov: The president of my country does not hold much power. Nevertheless, I would focus on these strategic actions:
1. Keeping society active on major issues – constantly initiating debates at home and abroad.
2. Forming flexible expert groups on a wide range of problems which include prominent figures from at home and abroad.
3. Stimulating education on human, citizen and political rights all over the country.

Ibrahim Hegazy: As president of Egypt, I would take the following strategic actions:
1. Change the Egyptian constitution and bring it in line with the 21st century generation with consideration given to the changes that have taken place since the present constitution was initially tailored to protect political leadership – not the people.
2. Combat widely prevailing corruption and bring corrupt officials to justice; strengthen the rule of law and attempt to regain lost trust.
3. Reduce the economic gap that has led to social injustice among different social sectors.
4. Stimulate foreign and local direct investment since economically Egypt has to keep moving forward at all costs.

Blerta Selenica:
1. Introduce final regulation of the land ownership issue.
2. Establish a stable and fair election code.
3. Implement further anti-corruption measures.

Martín Arévalo de Léon:
1. Strengthen public institutions (mainly the judiciary).
2. Improve the education system.
3. Establish a social-economic forum to set the trends for the country’s development.

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