WE – Volume 03


What is FutureChallenges?
What is futurechallenges.org?
WE @ FutureChallenges
How Can WE Handle FutureChallenges?
Where Old and New Paradigms Meet Annette Heuser/Henrik Scheller/Jonathan Stevens/Ole Wintermann

The Network is Challenging Us – Interview with Peter Kruse
A Fact-Based Worldview – Interview with Hans Rosling
From Macro-Challenges to Micro-Solutions – Interview with Peter Spiegel
Concerted Action Needed!Surendra Munshi
Re-Thinking ScienceAlan Shapiro
How Does the Educational System Become Decentralized? – Interview with George Siemens
What the West Can Learn from the East – Interview with John Hagel III

Engage Means to CreateEmer Beamer
Challenging Invisible Boundaries in War and Peace: Social Media in GeorgiaBijan Kafi
The Urban RevolutionNiels Boeing
When Media and Citizen Media MeetSolana Larsen
It’s all about People – Cinema Jenin – Interview with Marcus Vetter
On a Mission to End Oil Shai Agassi
We Share. We Do Not Censor!Isaac Mao
MilagroSebastián Miquel & Nicolás Tereschuk
Helping People to Help Themselves – Interview with Alexander Rausch & Ulrike Reinhard

we-magazine 03 – FutureChallenges

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