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He is known as a guard and protection dog and is one of the most popular breeds in the world: the German Shepherd. But he has so much more to offer than working zeal and obedience! He is a really strong type, who goes with his human through thick and thin. In this breed portrait you will learn why the German Shepherd is also a great family dog.

The breed German Shepherd Dog goes back to herding dogs, which not only had to keep an eye on the sheep, but at the same time guard the property of the shepherd. So defined archetypes of the shepherd dog are documented since the 7th century.

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Funny and Cute German Shepherd Puppies Compilation #1 - Cutest GSD

Only German Shepherds have truly mastered the "WTF" head tilt lol.

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German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dogs ever!

Best German Shepherd Vines - TRY not to laugh (Funny Buddy Compilation)

most of the clips are private clips. We don't film them for youtube, but now we share these cute scenes with you, they are so funny, I just love this compilation, so hilarious. so just enjoy it - Do the try not to laugh ...

Dogs as a utility animal

The original purpose of the German Shepherd Dog was that of a herding dog. He herded and guarded the flock with the shepherd. In its original function, the German Shepherd Dog is hardly used anymore. Instead, it is used as a service dog by the military, customs and police. The SV maintains its own rescue dog system, which is affiliated with the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO). As an avalanche search dog, the German shepherd is active primarily in the Bavarian Alps and long ago supplanted the St. Bernard thanks to its ease in sifting through masses of snow. It is used equally successfully as a guide dog for the blind. In the private sector, the German Shepherd can be used in any dog sport and is not limited to guard dog sports. He is equally suitable for obedience and agility. Due to his excellent olfactory performance, he can be successfully led in tracking work or mantrailing. In addition to all these areas of application, he can of course also be used as a pure family dog. A task appropriate to the dog or a joint sporting activity are important in this case. According to statistics from the FCI from the fall of 2012, in which 25 countries are considered and over 2 million dogs were recorded, the German Shepherd Dog leads the table with just under 130,000 newly registered dogs after the Labrador Retriever with a good 190,000 new registrations. The registration figures for the German Shepherd Dog in one of these countries are missing. Read More