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    we observes and leads the way into a participatory future. ➟ we means emergent net culture. ➟ we is positively disruptive. ➟ we is an attitude. ➟ we means sharing. ➟ we means collaboration. ➟ we believes in collective intelligence. ➟ we means holistic and network thinking. ➟ we is smart because of the network of “Yous”. ➟ we is more than you & I. ➟ we means responsibility. ➟ we doesn’t mean control. ➟ we means a real change in power. ➟ we doesn’t mean copyright but creative commons. ➟ we is diversity and harmony. ➟ we means partnership. ➟ we connects people, ideas and thoughts around the globe. ➟ we is authentic, humane, creative. ➟ we believes in the freedom of speech and ideas. ➟ we means openness and transparency. ➟ we points to potential uses of social media. ➟ we detects trends. ➟ we reflects and discusses the experiences, related to social media. ➟ we describes the transformative nature of social media in economy, society and culture. ➟ we encourages collective action. ➟ we is open to authors around the globe. ➟ we engages into the current and future developments driven by social media. ➟ we embraces cultural diversity..
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